If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed and sign up for our free e-book Thanks for visiting!I’ve decided to start off our blog posts dealing with some issues that pretty much all full time … Continue reading

Help My Wig Has Static!!

Oh, oh…. Look familiar?     I always have static wig syndrome in the winter and colder months from the dry air and vinyl jackets and hoods. I always just put up with it until I learned some simple, effective solutions to … Continue reading

How Long Will My Wig Last?

Assuming this question applies to virgin hair wigs exclusively, your wig should last several years if cared for properly. I often use the analogy of mileage on a car. A person may own a car for one year and take … Continue reading

The Grey Question

I have often wanted to discuss the virtues of grey hair with older clients who are hell-bent on wearing hair from 18-year-old girls when they themselves are well over 60. Some are more open than others, but the vast majority … Continue reading

“Surefire” Baldness Cures (though the ages)

Seems like we’ve been trying to fight baldness forever. As far back as ancient Egypt people have been trying to find effective treatments for thinning hair and baldness. Here’s a brief overview of some of the wacky ways people have … Continue reading

I Want to be a Wig Model

Join us for our latest awesome contest – click below on the image or call the store at (416) 784-5315 for details.

Congratulations to our Haircut Winners

The winners of our February free haircut draw are: Julie Starr Dariel Spero Rachel Wardinger Heather Kelman Ayumi Tsuji Please call to book your appointment for your free haircut by February 28, 2013. 416-784-5315

A Mother’s Thoughts on Dealing with Breast Cancer

OMG!!! I have just had the honor of talking with perhaps one of the most outstanding women I have ever met ( I feel like I say that about all of my clients that are going through chemotherapy but this … Continue reading


Linda Jespersen is rocking her new “hat fall” made from, believe it or not, her own hair. We harvested her hair right before she would lose it to chemotherapy. We all agree it looks much better on her than in … Continue reading

Eight Crazy Nights of Hanukkah event

Every day is another surprise! For our first night of Hanukkah sale we are offering an incredible deal on custom hats falls Regularly priced custom hat falls $950 This Sunday only from 10 AM to 3 PM we are offering … Continue reading

Happy Birthday Paula

Happy Four Oh, Paula. Special thanks to the amazing team for surprising me. Just walked in after teaching an aerobics class (as you can see). Great opportunity to let everyone see the real talent behind our wigs. Awesome team and … Continue reading