Custom Wigs & Extensions

Our custom wigs are superior to anything else you will find in the Greater Toronto Area.

Our Artisan Wigs:

  • Are handcrafted on-site in our exclusive, full-service human hair wig workshop
  • Are made exclusively fromĀ  the finest virgin, European, remy hair
  • Last for 5+ years
  • Are ready in 1-2 weeks

Each piece is a complete original, with care and attention to all steps of the process.

The prices for our custom wigs range from $2400-$5000. We also offer artisan-quality, ready-made wigs that range in price from $1400-$3000.

While our wigs do not fit every budget, we believe that you get what you pay for. These wigs are an investment in your beauty and self-confidence which will outshine and outlast anything you can get from our competitors.

In addition to offering the finest custom wigs in the GTA, we make your wig buying experience a pleasure. Learn more here.

We believe that purchasing a fine wig is a hands-on experience that cannot be adequately done over the Internet. We invite you to visit us for free, no obligation consultation.